What is CPSE University?

CPSE University is a leader in progressive learning and development experiences resulting in personal and organizational growth, continuous improvement and transformation for a lasting impact on the fire and emergency service. CPSE University offers in-person, web-based, and on-demand programs.  All learning and development programs can be accessed through our Learning Management System.

What would taking a CPSE University course do for me?

Taking a CPSE University course will provide valuable learning experiences that leverage diverse learning styles and combine learning strategies and delivery methods to enhance knowledge retention and application.  Our courses provide both foundation and advancement opportunities in personal and organizational development.

My agency is interested in hosting a CPSE University workshop. What's next?

If your agency is interested in hosting a workshop, please download the Hosting Agreement and start planning today!

How can CPSE University help me with my credentialing?

All the courses offered through CPSE University are accepted in the Training/Courses component of the candidate and renewal applications for CFO, CEMSO, CTO, FM, and FO. For a list of courses, select Explore Courses on the main University page or select the desired category type in the quick search.

​How can CPSE University help my agency seek accreditation?

CPSE University offers workshops on the components and process of accreditation. For a list of courses, select Explore Courses on the main University page or select the desired category type in the quick search to find a workshop in your area.  New course and program offerings will be coming soon!

If your agency is interested in hosting a Quality Improvement for the Fire and Emergency Services workshop, please contact CPSE at dsobotka@cpse.org for more information.

How are the courses structured?

Current courses are delivered in face-to-face, instructor-led format.  As the University continues to grow, we will provide courses and programs deploying a multitude of delivery methods and strategies that are conducive to learning with the modern adult learner in mind.  These delivery methods will include, but not be limited to, self-paced, blended, virtual classroom and microlearning formats.  

If I am seeking credentialing, is it required that I take a CPSE University course?

No.  However, our courses and programs can be used as a valuable asset to help satisfy the education requirements in various technical competencies within Component 6 of the CFO, CEMSO, CTO, FM, and FO.  Explore our courses to find an opportunity that fits your needs.  New courses and program offerings will be coming soon!

How do I register for a course or program?

Once you find a desired course or program select VIEW then the register tab to enroll in the course.  You will register using the same username and password used for CPSE's online portal.  If you don't have one, you'll be asked to set one up prior to registering.

How can I find additional resources?

Supplemental resources can be found under the Resource Library page.  Resources are organized by categories.  The resource library will be updated regularly to provide value-added documents and videos.

What is the difference between a Certificate of Attendance and Certificate of Completion?

A Certificate of Attendance is issued for any educational course that does not require assessment or prerequisite coursework.  A Certificate of Completion is awarded for completion of a course or program in which learners are assessed before, during, and after through testing and/or evaluation.  Learners must attain a passing grade to receive a Certificate of Completion.  A Certificate of Completion will note the CEU's earned for a course or program.

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding a course or program?

If you have a question regarding any our of our courses, programs, or would like to share an idea, please contact CPSE at university@cpse.org or at 703-691-4620.

What do I do if I'm having difficulty logging in?

If you are having difficulty logging in please email university@cpse.org or contact Katie Jones, Systems Administrator, 703-691-4620 ex. 207.