CPSE General Resources

  • Tech Writing 101
    This video introduces the core concepts of technical writing. It also provides an overview of the Advanced Technical Writing Program at George Mason.
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  • CFAI Model Information Technology Specifications, CFAI 10th Edition
    The CFAI Information Technology Specifications document identifies the spatial and numerical data, records, and policies referenced in the CFAI accreditation model.
  • CPSE University Host Agreement for Education Courses

    CPSE University Host Agreement explains requirements to host an educational offering at your agency.

  • Vision 20/20 Outcome Measures Guide
    Vision 20/20 Outcome Measures Guide
  • Executing a Strategic Plan
    This presentation is designed to walk you through creating and executing your plan, including a lesson on pivoting when conditions in your community or within your own agency change.
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CPSE Sponsor Webinars

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