CPSE General Resources

  • Tech Writing 101
    This video introduces the core concepts of technical writing. It also provides an overview of the Advanced Technical Writing Program at George Mason.
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  • CFAI Model Information Technology Specifications, CFAI 10th Edition
    The CFAI Information Technology Specifications document identifies the spatial and numerical data, records, and policies referenced in the CFAI accreditation model.
  • CPSE University Host Agreement for Education Courses
    CPSE University Host Agreement explains requirements to host an educational offering at your agency.
  • Vision 20/20 Outcome Measures Guide
    Vision 20/20 Outcome Measures Guide
  • Executing a Strategic Plan
    This presentation is designed to walk you through creating and executing your plan, including a lesson on pivoting when conditions in your community or within your own agency change.
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CPSE Sponsor Webinars

  • FirstWatch: Fire Operations and Accreditation Monitoring and Reporting
    FirstWatch experts presented their knowledge on Fire Operations Analytics/Accreditation Module (FOAM). This FirstWatch module provides Fire Management and Operations teams with comprehensive data analysis, dashboard views, and Annual Compliance Reports, which are based upon the accreditation requirements of CFAI and from any combination of data sources that are required to report on the specific dimensions of importance to you. FOAM continues to evolve, and FirstWatch is excited to share some of their geo-spatial reporting options.
  • Intterra: Finding the “Easy Button” for Fire Department Reporting & Analytics
    Intterra has been solving real problems for the fire service for over a decade. We build firefighter-friendly software that provides decision support and real-time data where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. From intuitive and deployable pre-planning tools that anyone can use, to solutions for daily operations in the apparatus; Intterra is right there with you. Our incident management tools are the go-to solution for the busiest all-hazards organizations in the country and our reporting & analytics solutions provide the most reliable, easiest to use and most robust tools available for line firefighters and fire chiefs alike.
  • Deccan: Set Your Department Up for Accreditation Success
    CFAI Accreditation is more about the process than the finish line. The first step toward success is to put together a solid team. Getting Deccan involved at the outset will position you and your department for a much smoother Accreditation process. Even if you’ve already started your Accreditation journey, Deccan solutions can be used for critical, and often challenging, response data components of your CRA/SOC. During this webinar Deccan will share insider perspectives on the challenges of getting started and highlight how Deccan can help your agency in the accreditation process from inception to re-accreditation efforts.
  • PowerDMS: Managing the CFAI Accreditation Model in PowerDMS with the City of Kingman, AZ, Fire Department
    Learn how PowerDMS can maximize time and resources for completing Category templates and criterion summaries, preparing, and organizing exhibits and reference documentation, and importing the categories into the CFAI SharePoint platform. Together with the City of Kingman Fire Department’s CFAI program manager, PowerDMS will present how one agency streamlines its accreditation process while serving and protecting their community.
  • Esri: Fire Accreditation Analysis – Solutions to Support Your Path to Excellence
    Listen to Esri Public Safety Personnel as they provide an overview of solutions for the Fire Accreditation process. Agencies can leverage mobile applications, visual products, and geospatial analysis of risk to optimize their accreditation process. Attendees will learn how to leverage GIS to collect field data, identify at risk populations, and discover trends in risk within a community. These actions allow for the efficient focus of resources to provide the appropriate service to those in need.
  • IAFF: Fire Department Response Capabilities Analysis: From Industry Standards to Forecasting
    Safe, efficient and effective emergency response to a community depends on a fire department’s organization and deployment of resources. This webinar, will highlight how the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) conducts response capability and workload assessments for individual jurisdictions to help affiliates inform their fire department and city leaders about resources needed to safely and effectively protect lives and property. You'll learn how IAFF’s analytical approach helps you identify problem areas in a staffing and deployment configuration that may be targeted for enhancement and how this information helps fire departments make more informed decisions on the deployment of resources.
  • mySidewalk: Driving Strategic Discussions Using Your Community Risk Assessment
    A Community Risk Assessment (CRA) is a powerful document that can lead to long-term success, transparent discussions and continuous improvement. Like most fire leaders, you know Community Risk Reduction is a part of today’s Fire Service. But you may be stuck where you are and unsure how to advance to the next level. Your risk assessment feels unused, and conversations fall on an unengaged audience. This webinar covers a simple guide to implementing your Community Risk Assessment into conversations that lead to action. Join us as Sara Wood, Director of Fire Solutions at mySidewalk, explains how to start where you are and grow towards where you want to be.
  • ImageTrend: Living the Accredited Life
    Accreditation is a lifestyle or way of doing business - not just an end goal that gets checked off when you are done. Working towards and achieving accreditation provides greater community alignment, encourages continual improvement, provides data-supported decision making and so much more. Technology that gives real-time performance and benchmarking figures can alert you if you are falling short of your own set expectations, as well as help you visualize how new initiatives affect those figures.